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We only use high quality products that meet the highest industry standards.


We have years of experience and our staff is trained regularly to stay up to date with the latest technologies.


You will always receive friendly, courteous and professional service from our team.


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Sales Assistant
New Car Keys

At VF Auto, we pride ourselves on our supportive and welcoming work environment.


Our mechanics have the opportunity to work on a wide range of vehicles, from the latest electric models to classic cars, all within a dynamic work environment. The expertise of our staff, along with the latest tools and technology allow mechanics to learn and grow while providing the best possible service to our customers. Whether it's routine maintenance or complex repairs, our team has the expertise and knowledge needed to carry out any task effectively and efficiently.


​Our service advisors and sales team benefit from extremely experienced supervisors who train and support you throughout your learning process and career with VF Auto.


​We pride ourselves on hiring bright, creative minds for our marketing team. We are looking for detail oriented accounting staff. And we are constantly growing our auto parts team. If you are passionate and interested in the automotive industry, VF Auto Group is interested in you. Join our dynamic and energetic team today.

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